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  • Why did I receive a collection letter from KNP Financial Services GmbH?

    Our client commissioned us to collect the outstanding debts.

  • Where should I transfer the outstanding amount?

    Our client transmitted the whole business case to us for further processing. Therefore the amount must be transferred to the KNP collection agency for the matter to be settled as quickly as possible.

  • Why am I to pay the additional costs?

    Your default of payment caused additional expenditures. You are obliged to cover the costs according to § 1333 ABGB (the Civil Code of Austria).

  • Why was the collection process started? I ‘ve already payed the outstanding invoice.

    The collection process is ended automatically if the full amount including costs and interest rates is paid in due time. Please note that the dunning activities will continue and cause additional costs if the outstanding liability is not paid to the full extent.

    All payments are considered before and during the collection process. Please ensure whether these payments are already mentioned in our letter. If not, we kindly ask you to send us confirmation that the amount has been debited from your bank account. The confirmation must include the following information:
    IBAN, BIC, receiver, payment reference

  • What can I do in case of a wage garnishment?

    A garnishment can have major negative consequences for you! In essence there is a possibility of arranging an instalment plan.
    Contact us!

  • How can I request a payment by instalments?

    You cannot pay the full amount at the moment?

    Contact us via phone or email and our team will do ist best to find the most suitable solution for you.

  • What bank details can I use for payments to KNP Financial Services?

    The bank Information of KNP is:
    Erste Bank
    IBAN: AT68 2011 1826 3813 8200

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